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Buying a property to rent out

Your legal obligations as a landlord

buying a property to rent landlord

For those looking to purchase a property or to use an existing property as an investment to rent out, it is important to understand your legal obligations as a landlord. The government introduced the new "Healthy Homes Standards" which set minimum standards that landlords have to meet from 1 July 2021. These provide that a rental property will have to have:

  • insulation in the ceiling and under the floor;

  • an approved form of heating in the living room capable of heating the room to at least 18 degrees;

  • proper ventilation throughout the home;

  • efficient drainage for removal of water under and outside the property;

  • a ground moisture barrier, unless it is not practicable to install one;

  • no gaps or holes in the walls, ceilings, windows, skylights, floors and doors which would create a draught.

From 1 December 2020 landlords are required to include a statement of their current level of compliance with these standards in any new, renegotiated or renewed tenancy. For any assistance or advice on property rentals or purchases, feel free to contact Kemp Barristers & Solicitors at or 412-6000.


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