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Covering a vast area of law, from small monetary disputes to large-scale commercial contracts, litigation relates to any legal disagreement that cannot be resolved.


Kemp Barristers & Solicitors work across all areas of litigation, including commercial and rural law. We are particularly experienced in disputes related to property developments, with specialised knowledge of the legal issues in rural property settings. But through a combination of tenacity, broad practice experience and an emphasis on relationship-building, we can manage almost any litigation case that comes our way.

How can we make litigation better for you:

  • We aim to resolve disputes through mediation, facilitation and negotiation wherever possible.

  • We offer upfront advice, and take the time and care needed to walk you through your options and guide you through the legal system at every step.

  • Few of our cases end up in formal court proceedings, and as a result most of our clients avoid the associated expenses and uncertainty.

  • However, when court is inevitable we are knowledgeable, skilled and dedicated advocates with a formidable track record of success.

In all circumstances, we will ensure you are kept involved in what’s happening and informed about likely outcomes.


Our results are overwhelmingly positive and we aim to work positively from the beginning of your case with integrity, honesty and professionalism.

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