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Property has traditionally played a huge role in the lives of Kiwis – we like the security of bricks and mortar, whether it is to raise our own families or serve as a solid investment for the future.


At Kemp Barristers & Solicitors we aim to make the selling and purchasing of property a rewarding and positive experience. With over 24 years of involvement in conveyance processes, we act to protect your interests at all stages of the process. Whether you are buying or selling, we aim to ensure the smoothest, simplest and most efficient transaction for you.


For example:

  • We provide you with knowledgeable independent advice tailored to your individual circumstances.

  • We can advise you about the ways in which you can structure your ownership of the property, reflecting your individual situation. This may involve giving you information about unequal shares in a property, family trusts, relationship property matters, estate planning or enduring powers of attorney.

  • We can assist you in avoiding any potential pitfalls.


We strongly recommend you contact us before you begin the process of buying or selling property, as once you have put your signature to an agreement you usually cannot change it.


We can help you prevent small property problems from turning into big ones, saving you money and stress. It is a complex area – but we are here to make it simple for you.

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