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Separation and divorce end relationships – but they do not end your role as a parent or the responsibilities involved.

The dissolution of a relationship and the upheaval involved tend to leave emotions running high while practical concerns and everyday routines still need to be attended to – particularly where children are concerned. It may be well worth seeking professional legal advice early to avoid long, drawn-out periods of instability for all parties.

Guardianship is the term used to describe a parent’s rights and responsibilities, and most children have two guardians (a mother and father). A father will usually have the legal status of ‘guardian’ if he was in a civil union or marriage, or living as a de facto partner with the mother at any time during the period between the child’s conception and birth.

Each guardian legally has a say in all important decisions about a child’s upbringing – including education, religion, health, place of residence and more. If guardians cannot agree on these matters, legal avenues are available through the Family Court, but we believe this should only ever be a last resort.

Kemp Barristers & Solicitors have helped a huge number of families over many years navigate and resolve difficult divorces and separations. We aim to work carefully and sensitively with each of our clients, practising with kindness and care as well as professionalism and expertise.

Each set of circumstances is unique, and we aim to understand as much as we can about each client’s needs and struggles as we work towards the best legal solution possible.

For expert advice delivered with care, contact us to make an appointment.

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