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  • Dino Montepara

Rent Disputes

Arbitration clauses in leases provide a mechanism for landlords and tenants to resolve disputes which they may have, without resorting to court proceedings.

A potential number of arbitral disputes may arise out of the Covid-19 lockdown as to whether or not a tenant can reduce or stop paying their rent - and for how long.

It is not yet clear what will be interpreted as a “fair proportion” in determining the amount of rent that will cease to be payable during this period.

There is also a difference of opinion whether the reduced amount will be completely written off or merely deferred for payment later on.

Should you need any advice on your rights as a landlord or tenant, or if you would like someone to assist you in working things through with your landlord or tenant, you can send an email to or call us on 009 412 6000.


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